2020 Inaugural Western Section Klondike Winter Camporee at Camp Cullom

2020  Inaugural Western Section Klondike Winter Camporee at Camp Cullom

by Michele Enlow*

2020 Inaugural Western Section Klondike for Crossroads Council held at Camp Collum was a success.
Every year the Sugar Creek district puts on a winter camporee. We, Scouts BSA, call it The Klondike. This year our Crossroads of America Council challenged us to hold the Inaugural Western Section Klondike. The invitation was put out to the 4 districts in the Western section of the state. We had 3 of the 4 represented. Sugar Creek was honored to be the first to hold this event.
To give you an insight on this event, every year is different. I have been to the last 4. We have had a range of weather to contend with to. From 61 degrees and sunshine to last years 20 degrees and 8 inches of snow to this year’s winds and rain. It is always a challenge but always rewarding.
9 Boys troops, 1 Girl Troop, 4 Webelos Packs
List of Troops and Packs that attended are as follows.
Troops: T309, T319G, T323, T336, T338, T350, T359, and T365.
Packs: P338, P309, P337 and P365
Troop 263 from Pathfinder District
Troop 97 from Hou Koda District
In this event, when the patrols checked in they were given a unique patrol name that they carried with them throughout the event. They were also given a piece of material to create a new patrol flag. The patrols names were taken from the history of the Iditarod trail and Alaska. Some names were checkpoint towns, parts of the sled, wildlife and rivers or roads that you would find in Alaska.
The patrols compete at each station throughout the day. We just want the scouts to do their best. A lot of times they are competing against themselves to see if they are better than they were the last time that they did the task. We had one troop that did just that. They managed to be the only Troop to make it to every single station, which we had 10, and they bettered their time on the fire building which they were so excited about you could hear it across the camp. As the day progressed, they had a plan and they were prepared. All day, you could tell that they were ready for anything that we had set up. Troop 323 out of Linden, IN was the overall winner of the Western Section Klondike.
Troop Rankings: 1st – T323 (Balto), 2nd- T350 (Ice Hook), 3rd- T97 (Ravens), 4th- T319G (Big Su), 5th- T338 (Last Dash), 6th- T365 (Bears), 7th- T359 (Huskies), 8th- T336 (Anvic), 9th- T359 (Grayling), 10th- T263 (Eagles), 11TH- T309 (Chinook), 12th-T309 (Double Lead).
Pack 338 from Frankfort was the overall winner for the Webelos.
Pack Rankings: 1st-P338 (Ducks), 2nd-P309 (Picket Line), 3rd-P337 (Last Frontier) (Pack 365 was merged with T365 due to only having 2 members in attendance)

We had some very young troops to some very experienced troops. The great thing about this experience is to see how hard the kids want to better themselves and how much they want to work as a team. It is a challenge for sure, but the end results are amazing. I saw a great group of kids wanting to learn as well as have a lot of fun in a safe environment. These kids are better for it and as adult scouters, we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.
During a camporee, there are stations that you put to use things that you have learned or learn something new for a station. Our stations consisted of a Cook-off, Emergency Shelter building, First Aid, Leather working, Sled inspection, string burn station, Blacksmithing and Flint Knapping.
We would normally have a sled race as well, but due to the trails being a unsafe at the time of the start of the day due to inclement weather, we had to cancel that portion of the event.

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