Almost Free Backpacking Hacks

Almost Free Backpacking Hacks

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Free or Inexpensive things that I find useful backpacking or camping.

Almost free things
Walmart headlamp $1 (sold individually at physical location)

Light weight
Bright enough
Bright for camp
No red light
Not bright enough for night hiking
Cheap enough to get one for the whole family + extras for others

Dairy Queen long spoon
Free and lightweight
but fragile

GSI Long handle pouch spoon at REI $1.95 Reduced Price $.93

Light weight

Shades from optometrist (Sunglasses)
Additional eye protection late in the day hiking into the sun
Light weight

Snow stake$2.95

Provides alternative staking options
Staking your tent in snow or sand
Deadman staking
Fast food condiments – Don’t be a jerk. Buy something.
Chick Fil a: Tabasco
Starbucks: honey, Stevia, sugar sriracha sauce. While you’re there, buy some of their singles serve coffee packets.

Arby’s: horsey sauce
Taco Bell’s “hot sauces”
Local pizza shop has Crushed Red Pepper and Parmesan Cheese
Breather freshener bottles $1.00
Use as small lightweight liquid containers
For liquids such as, Alcohol, disinfectant,…
But keep in mind some liquids may be light sensitive, such as Aquamira 2 part Water Treatment with their big square bottles with fragile corners. Part A is light sensitive, so you may want to keep in a dark area or Gossamer Gear sells UL Mini Dropper Bottle Set for $4. Comes with an opaque mini dropper bottle for the photo-sensitive Part A and a clear mini dropper bottle that allows you to monitor the amount of solution remaining in Part B.

Gossamer Gear UL Mini Dropper Bottle Set

Dental kit:
$1.29 at Walgreens and CVS
Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
Free from dentist

Towel for drying or wiping your brow
Pre-filter for water
Anchor for tent guy wire in snow or sand (Sheet bend knot. Refer to future knot and stake video)
Container for gathering things such as berries
Wound dressing
Splint tie down
Headband to keep sweat out of your eye
Emergency underwear (Parks and rec)
This is a short list. Long list and demonstration in a future video. Please subscribe.

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