Bikepacking Tips & Setup for Mountain Bike Camping & MTB Touring: STACY BOLTON: 2018 FLORIDA DIVIDE

Bikepacking Tips & Setup for Mountain Bike Camping & MTB Touring: STACY BOLTON: 2018 FLORIDA DIVIDE

I caught up with veteran Florida bikepacker STACY BOLTON on day 10 as he rode through the Central Florida area at mile 873 of the 1500 mile Florida Divide Bikepacking Route from Open Pond, Alabama to Key West, Florida. Watch as Stacy shares his experience and gives some vauable insight.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride!
hey here he is
what’s up folks
heading on another ride it is a
beautiful sunny and cool day here
I’m riding north through the Seminole
forest today I’m gonna meet up with a
friend who is partway through a really
epic ride
I think he knows that I’m coming to meet
him we just don’t know where we’re going
to run into each other it shouldn’t be
too long from now
hey here he is what’s up man buddy how
you doing hot fire you’re making awesome
progress today yeah it started real slow
I know well we’ve been we’ve been
following your progress on the track
leader site well you’re looking good man
I’m feeling a lot better than what I did
last year yeah and two years ago yeah
different bike now got bigger rims
okay I know Wow okay like Wow
alright on that yeah I saw I saw the
headlight off in the distance and even
and even in the daylight it was uh get
rid of pretty pretty darn bright looking
dry and some clothes out here oh wow
pops my hometown Crankworx bike so look
at Florida there you go and the riders
only out of Jupiter Florida well I don’t
want to impede your progress so
is he the same fuzzy status okay but
before us through there
different haha it was Sam but nothing
like I just went through okay works and
I’ve ever seen Carla tapas Wow
I can imagine and you know some of them
go yeah
whether starting off the pain table
first day or so nice yeah I know you had
it got really I was going to say you had
some really cold days man how that pair
out first night outdoors and I was like
what I have definitely get into this
thing so I ended up doing this breakfast
another hotel okay
yeah me too
cause I don’t either you know what I
don’t need it oh when I finish this ride
I’ll drink something Wow that’s funny
so we just got here at don’t even know
what this this little area here is
called but we’re on the southern end of
the Seminole State Forest here with the
man the myth the legend Stacy Bolton he
is how many miles into this 873 873
miles into the Florida divide ride from
Alabama the open pond Alabama to Key
West Florida pond is about 30 miles
north of Crestview off of i-10 what has
been one of the biggest highlights of
the trip definitely the Panhandle uh al
Silla River even though I would not
recommend riding a bike through there
honey buddy why’s that because you can’t
write because it just ups and downs and
trees and everything okay but is very
impressive to hike and yeah
the Silla River is one of these rivers
that if you look at it looks like three
or four five six ponds and the river
flows underneath the ground yeah
through the lion bajo that connects the
ponds so I didn’t know that that you
were to drop died you’d see the guy come
up in all the ponds huh
then guys think you ride it you’d be
riding on the trail and you look down
into the cracks of the crevice and see
the water flowing so you’re constantly
looking around at the beauty on the
trail each yup yeah so yeah again that’s
probably listen Eglin Air Force Base is
grouping Air Force Base is pretty good
yeah so what has been the lowest point
so far how about happy CA the past what
past 24 hours do Ocala National for it
with yeah just the riding there all the
riding in pain handle this year was so
much easier better than last year huh
and when I got to Ocala it wasn’t
anything that I didn’t expect okay with
the sand and just the continuous but
yeah okay the incoming rain the rain
tonight the hiker biked through the sand
carry again nothing I wasn’t expecting

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