Camping Trip and Survival Skills Wild food

Camping Trip  and Survival Skills Wild food

A 3 day hiking and camping trip in the mountains. We supplemented our diet with wild collected foods and made tea with wild herbs. We carried enough food to last 4 maybe 5 days max. We found lots of wild food. Prepared delicious rice with wild mushrooms.
Ate wild raspberries
wild strawberries
wild mushrooms (2 types)
Hiked a total of approx 8km plus minus 500m (wandering and exploring)

Camping Equipment taken

4 season tent
65 L pack
25 l day pack
2 water badders
1 Fixed blade knife (Extrema Ratio MK2.1 (X2 folders: FKMD Predator and Opinel number 7).
X1 expedition rated sleeping bag
Garmont and Scarpa boots
One pot one pan
X2 compasses
Sunglasses and hats
You can only do this if you know your mushroom identification 110% perfect, that is you hone those survival skills. It’s not a matter of saying i don’t like mushrooms or whatever. If you want to have good survival skills you must know as many ways as possible to be self sufficient if you run out of food. Fishing, hunting and non-animal wild food gathering are important skills to have along with all the others (too many to list here).
See ending for a list of food for our camping trip.
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