Canteen Cup Tuesday :: Breakfast Burritos – Camp Cooking Ideas – Season 2 -Ep#15

Canteen Cup Tuesday :: Breakfast Burritos – Camp Cooking Ideas – Season 2 -Ep#15

I collected a group of us to collaborate and create Canteen Cup Tuesday videos. There have been many Canteen Cup Tuesday videos by many great outdoor channels. This was an opportunity for us all create a video and share our respective channels that wanted to participate in this event as a collective.


1) Spirit Forest:

2) Big Crazy Outdoor Adventures:

3) Em and the Gang:

4) Happy Trails Hiking:

5) lonewoodsman:

6) Biker Bushcraft:


8) Cheezehead Chris:

9) MorningWood:

10) Flying Squirrel Outdoors:

11) Scoutforlife:

12) FloridaBoy Bushcraft & Survival:

13) Carolina Chris Outdoors:

Yankees Outdoor Adventures:

HISTORY OF CANTEEN CUPS PER WIKIPEDIA: “To complement the mess kit, soldiers used a stamped cup especially molded to fit over the bottom of the U.S. Army’s standard one-quart (950 ml) canteen. This cup could be used as a boiling vessel, when boiling water for coffee, or for heating or reconstituting soup and other foods. During World War II, units preparing heated combat rations in the Meat Can Body or canteen cup mainly used locally procured combustible materials or Sterno fuel units of jellied alcohol. The latter could be stored within an issued folding stove for deployment when heating food, soup, or coffee in the field. After World War II, a specially-designed Esbit stove was issued to fit over the cup-and-canteen unit, similar to designs used in other armies.”

ZZ Outdoors – My egg idea:

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