Fake Bushcraft Videos, Meeting a Subscriber, Chimney Add On (Pt2) and Embracing Emptiness

Fake Bushcraft Videos, Meeting a Subscriber, Chimney Add On (Pt2) and Embracing Emptiness

Building the “ultimate bushcraft camp” is a bold statement and unprecedented challenge but over the course of the last year we have pulled off something never seen before with a bushcraft shelter unlike any other in an enchanted landscape that has been enhanced and supplemented to create a microcosmic world that defies imagination.

We’ve come to the finer details of our ultimate bushcraft camp which has been focused on building a fireplace/chimney add on to the shelter which is teaching just as many lessons as the primary build project itself. One of the lessons from the creation of the ultimate bushcraft camp is the camp telling us when to stop building. Which is exactly what happened at camp this past week.

The fireplace/chimney add on is a very long and drawn out process in order to keep the structural integrity of the add on intact. Going just one level of stone too high on the chimney caused the first collapse of the entire year long project and against all odds the small collapse happens at the exact moment that we’re discussing the topic of “knowing when to stop”.

Later in the episode we also discuss the rising concern over bushcrafters who have been blatantly faking their videos by going out for a single afternoon and claiming to have been out for 3 or more days… and their subscribers fall for it! Fake bushcraft and survival videos are on the rise and people obsess over click bait views. Use your brain when following those types of people. They are not out there for you.

It’s a jam packed episode full of Fake Bushcraft Videos, Meeting a Subscriber, the Chimney Add On and Embracing Emptiness tonight on Huntsman!

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