Federal Prison Camp Tips & Tricks: Encore Addition!

Federal Prison Camp Tips & Tricks: Encore Addition!

Federal Prison Camp Tips & Tricks: Encore Addition!

Justin Paperny shares some tips and tricks for those facing time in federal prison camp.Tips include: picking the prison of your choosing, getting a copy of your lawyers sentencing memorandums, getting the best job and bunk in prison, how to get more halfway house time and how to have success with your probation officer upon your release.

Federal Prison Camp

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Okay. If you are still with me and you haven’t tuned out and you’re wondering when and hell am I going to get to some federal prison advice that can help you.
Eleven years ago today, I learned that I caught my case. So, the first tip for those of you, who might be under federal investigation, is to accept responsibility sooner if you are guilty. Now, I know it takes a little time to own it, to recognize it, to embrace the rationalizations, the pressures, the opportunities. I talk about all in my second book Ethics in Motion, which continues to not be reviewed as well as the first book, But, if you want to better understand some of those pressures, read Ethics in Motion. I’ll send it to you. It’s free. If you can accept responsibility sooner and get your file off the government’s desk, they’ll less resources invested in you; you can get out be productive and move on with your life.
I began working with a wonderful gentleman earlier this week, and he is like ‘You know, Justin I don’t think I’m looking at that long of a prison term, but let me tell you one thing that your work has helped me done well.’ I’m like ‘What? Tell me. Talk to me.’ He is like ‘I don’t want to serve one day longer in prison than I have to. So, even though I’m only looking at a measly year and a day’, he is like ‘I’m already in jail. I feel it every second of every single day this case is on my mind. I feel it. I know it. I think it. I can hardly, you know, sleep half of the time.’ That’s what he said before he hired me. So, he’s like ‘I’m not only going to get a year and a day, but by accepting responsibility sooner I’m moving on to the next phase. So, tip 1, if you are guilty, and you know you are guilty, and some of you watching this you know you did some bad things. Eleven years ago I was in La La Land, laying on the floor of my business partner Sam Pompeo’s office lamenting over how people were coming after me, and it was UBS’s fault. My senior partners felt I was so clouded. So, I was off my game. It took three and half years for me to go to jail. I might as well serve five years, eighteen months + three and a half years. That’s to those of you who knocked that I only served 18 months in jail. It was 18 months plus the three and a half years. Jail was easier. Trust me.
So, tip 1- accept responsibility sooner. Number 2, I cannot get over how many defendants hire lawyers without to, will do in their due diligence- but also reviewing a sentencing memorandum. If you see a sentencing memorandum, you should see how well your lawyers write the data they use; check case studies, look how well they’ve argued on behalf of other clients. I mean, are you doing that? So, for those of you who are looking to hire a lawyer, or for those of you who have hired a lawyer. The first thing you should do after liking this video, subscribing and leaving a positive comment, and preferably one that doesn’t say my dogs are ugly, is to send an email to your lawyer and say I’d love to see one of your sentencing memorandums. I’d love to see how successful you have argued for your other clients. Now, some of them may give you the blow off and be like we’re not ready to show that with you yet. Remember who is running the show. You are the client respectfully remind them that you’d like to see a sentencing memorandum, last point on the sentencing memorandum. It does no good if you get a copy of a sentencing memorandum 15 minutes before it’s due.

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