Why are camping meals from Omeals special?

Camping meals from Omeals are different compared to other meals because you do not need anything else to be able to enjoy a meal that is pleasing, delicious and hot. No cooking tools with no proper dishes to cook. Moreover, rather than squandering time cooking, you are able to do something else like appreciating the nature, or enjoying quality time with your family.

They supply stable sources of fibers and proteins which are extremely useful for your body.

They are really user-friendly so that you can make the magic work adding just some water. Inside of each bundle, you will find a bag of a heating pad, food, eating tools and a napkin.

All you need to do would be to take out the tools, remove the heating pad’s cover, put some water in the bag and lock it – the larger bag has a closing property, like a zip lock. The water, in connection with the heating pad, begins to produce heat that cooks your meal. You are able to eat it directly from the bundle, or a plate can be used. The company warns us that due to the chemical reactions between the heating pad and the water, the content may be very hot, so it must be handled with precaution.

Despite the fact that it is incredibly simple to use, behind these little but efficient heating pads is pure chemistry. However, this product is recognized by FDA as being safe, without possible hazard to people. Nonetheless, the use of this kind of self-heating food packaging is not allowed for security reasons, on aircraft.

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