Spring Overnight Camping in a Canvas Wall Tent – Bushcraft Skills & Camp Cooking | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Spring Overnight Camping in a Canvas Wall Tent – Bushcraft Skills & Camp Cooking | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Marie, Comet, and I visit our wall tent camp to practice some much needed bush skills and to have a mid spring-time overnighter.

We arrived at the camp and found it to be exactly how we had left it a few days early, fixed up and ready to be used. Our first task was to keep the meat we had brought with us cold. Since it was Spring and still fairly mild out, Marie decided to dig a small hole and pack it with the packages of meat and damp moss, which kept it just cold enough to not have to worry. After that was taken care of, our next task was to split some wood and get the fire going. Fitting with our theme of practicing some bush skills, to start the fire I made a brid’s nest, and lit it using a flint and steel and some char cloth. That was my first flint and steel fire. Another small skill I wanted to work on was making and utilizing natural cordage. I decided the quickest thing to make would be a cordage called, “Cedar Withies”. They turned out great after a few tries, but it definitely wasn’t quick. I used them to hang my lantern on my tri-pod. Marie then got a fire going in the tent to warm it up for the night, and after we cooked some food outside on the fire. I prepared some lamb chops with my spice blend, some onion, mushroom, and some kale. It turned out great, and after we ate, Marie, Comet, and I went to sleep concluding day one. The next morning, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, and immediately started cooking breakfast on the stove. Marie prepared some bacon and potatoes in the cast iron pan, and some oatmeal with some cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, sugar, and also some of last year’s dried blue berries. After breakfast, I once again got the fire going outside in the pit as we let the one inside die off. This time I just used the standard birch bark and ferro-rod method to light it. In the mean-time well the fire was burning, Marie and I decided to relax and enjoy the day. She practiced some carving skills, and started herself a spoon, well I cleaned the camp up and organized our gear off camera. I then got to splitting more wood to store in the tent for the next time we would be around. I also got around to cleaning the Marlin. I gave it a good wipe down with what I had and I checked it for rust and anything else that may cause it problems. By this time, the day was getting late, and we were ready to head out. I check that the stove was out, and I doubt with what was left of the fire outside, and then Marie and I gathered our gear, threw our packs on our shoulders, and the three of us left the camp ending our trip on a high note. Overall it was an educational, comfortable, and an interesting trip for the three of us.

Enjoy the silent adventure.


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