Top 8 tips to protect your motorcycle – Motorcycle Security Systems

Top 8 tips to protect your motorcycle – Motorcycle Security Systems

Motorcycle Security Systems – What you have to know?

In this video I am going to talk about popular locks on the market and will give you 8 very useful tips how to protect your motorcycle.
We love our motorcycles, it doesn’t matter how much they cost. Our worst nightmare is to find out that the bike is stolen. I don’t want even to think about it. Let see what we can do to prevent this happens.

The first barrier against thieves is your ignition key system. It doesn’t matter how difficult is to unlock it, how many million combinations the key has or what kind of profile it is, it will be broken in just few seconds. They will use a special tool, known as “breaker”. It is a hard peace of steel, imitate the shape of your key. They insert it in the ignition and with the help of small wrench rotate it to the right. First they will unlock the forks and then will start your motorcycle, so simple, no more than 10 seconds. If you have new bike, build after 2000, you might have immobilizer system. This system won’t let the engine start unless is made with the original key. That is nice, so now you can sleep well. Not really! First of all, if you have expensive bike like BMW 1000 RR or Ducati, you have to know that thieves have s special software to start your engine without the key. Second it is a bike, it is not a car. It could be easy push out of your garage or even loaded in a van. You have to think for some kind of hardware to protect your motorcycle.

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